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Immersive show dinners by GASTROSHOW
are creators of the immersive gastronomic show-dinners "Phantasmagoria in black", "The bar
that does not exist" and "Stories of a hotel", unique and sensational in Russia
is a show-dinner with an immersive theatre performance of theater and film actors, finalists of the show "Voice" and "Dancing on TNT", where guests are not only spectators, but also participants of the show
a carefully thought-out menu makes guests dive in the atmosphere of the show and gives the most vivid taste emotions. The plot develops not only on the stage and in the hall, but on the plate of each guest as well
National award "Golden Puzzle" 2020, 2021 - Best event project
National award "Event of the Year" 2021, winners in the nomination Concert and theatre event of the year and Theatre performance of the year, finalists in the nomination Best creative idea of the event
Brand Awards Russia 2021 - Best Gastronomic Show of the Year
WOW Awards Russia 2022 - Best Gastronomic Show
Fair Business Awards 2022 - Best Gastro Show 2022

The bar that doesn't exist
When: October – November 2021
Where: Mansion on Volkhonka
Menu: 4 main courses, mini-appetizers in the style of a show for guests gathering part, dishes are served accompanied by author's cocktails
“The bar that doesn’t exist” is a place of secret rendezvous, where meetings and partings take place, people confess their love, heal heart wounds, take vows, cheat. The artists of the show will tell exciting stories that sound familiar to every viewer. They leave a room for despair, joy, pride, passion and other feelings, without which life is unthinkable.
Story of a hotel
When: April – June 2022
Where: Hotel Metropol
Menu: 5 main courses, mini-snacks in the style of the show for the guests gathering part
A place where only a few times a year lights are lit on the front staircase, a pianist shakes the dust off the lid of an old piano, and the rooms are full of life again... A place
where behind every door you open there is a secret... And maybe it is yours...

Phantasmagoria in black
When: April – May 2021
Where: Mansion of P. P. Smirnov
Menu: 4 main courses, mini-snacks in the style of the show for the gathering of guests
Immersive show-dinner with theatre performance and 3D-mapping based on the works of Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov. The action takes place in a 19th-century mansion in the very center of Moscow and takes guests into the atmosphere of the works of the most mystical author of Russia. You will become witnesses and characters of the show with the participation of the best young actors of the country, touch the secrets of the heroes of the literature pieces, become eyewitnesses of unusual phenomena and, of course, enjoy the author's cuisine from famous chefs inspired by the recipes of the early twentieth century.